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We provide oil and gas drilling and rigging, excavating, cementing, casing and other oilfield related services. Call today at 989-775-6608.

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Oil Well Drilling

As an oil and gas drilling contractor based in Mount Pleasant, MI, Bigard & Huggard Drilling, Inc. has the knowledge and equipment to provide professional drilling and rigging services. We are proud to deliver safe and efficient drilling practices throughout Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio that save our clients time and money. Give us a call today at 989-775-6608 for more information.


To reach the oil-rich depths that lie under the surface, it takes a lot of deep digging. At Bigard & Huggard Drilling, we have the heavy-duty equipment to provide timely excavating services. Our crew has over 150 years of combined experience in Michigan’s contract oil and gas drilling industry. You can depend on our professionals for excellent equipment operated by top-notch employees. Call us today at 989-775-6608.

Excavation Service
Cementing Equipment


Cementing is the process of pumping cement down the surface casing to fill the space between the outside of the casing and the well bore. This provides stability and protection. It establishes a steady connection which is crucial if the anchor pipe is to safely bear all the additional loads. Cementing also protects the environment. Call us at 989-775-6608 to learn more.


Casings are large-diameter pipes which become lowered and cemented in place. The purpose of casing is to protect and support the wellstream, as well as isolate freshwater zones so that they are not contaminated during drilling. At Bigard & Huggard Drilling, we offer casing manufactured from carbon steel that is heat-treated to varying strengths. Send us a message or call 989-775-6608 today.

Casing For Oil Pipes

Companies We Work With

Premier Casing Crew

Premier Casing Crews, Inc.

  • 24-Hour Phone Service Available: 989-775-7436
  • Fax: 989-775-6909
  • Rick Bandfield, Operations Manager – Cell: 989-621-0872
B&H Tractor and Truck

B & H Tractor & Truck, Inc.

  • 24-Hour Phone Service Available: 989-773-5975
  • Toll-Free: 800-949-5699
  • Fax: 989-775-6909
  • Rob Findley, Operations Manager – Cell: 989-621-6248
B&H Cementing Service

B & H Cementing Service

  • Contact: 989-775-6431
  • Aaron Dunlap, Operations Manager – Cell: 989-621-5787
B&H Hammer Services Inc.

B & H Hammer Service, Inc.

  • Contact: 989-775-2851
  • Jeff Fox – Cell: 989-619-2263
  • Mark Schulte – Cell: 989-339-7680
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B & H Bit

  • Contact: 989-773-1788
  • Curt Lowe, Salesman