B & H Tractor & Truck, Inc.

B&H Tractor and Truck

B & H Tractor & Truck, Inc.: formed in January 1998. B & H Tractor’s fleet includes ten (10) tractors with trailers, two (2) sets of gravel trains, eight (8) bulldozers, three (3) excavators, three (3) rig up tandems, three (3) Athey wagons, two (2) loaders, an 80 barrel and an 130 barrel vac trucks. B & H Tractor can handle equipment hauling as well as excavation services, location building and reclamation services, half tanks for closed loop systems, solidification of drilling fluids and hauling away of same. B & H Tractor can haul anywhere in the continental United States.

US DOT #992425 and Motor Carrier #41913-P

  • 24-Hour Phone Service Available: 989-773-5975
  • Toll-Free: 800-949-5699
  • Fax: 989-775-6909
  • Rob Findley, Operations Manager – Cell: 989-621-6248

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